Currently accepting demo’s
Due to the high volume of demo submissions,
Please read the
following guidelines in order to submit a demo.

Demo submission guidelines
1.) When submitting a demo please include a short bio about yourself. If possible, send us your EPK (PRESS KIT). For those who don't know what a press kit is, please read the following: A press kit is a short bio about your music production, pictures, video, discography, releases, info, and reviews of your current, or past music production.

2.) When sending a demo, please send us more than two tracks, we don't accept one track. Most importantly, send us your contact information, Facebook, Website, and e-mail address.

3.) Send your demos via SoundCloud link or (Zip/ RAR) file ONLY! NO e-mail attachments are accepted! When submitting a demo we need the tracks to be MP3 format at 320 kbps audio quality.

4.) We normally don't accept artists that have never released music with labels. However, we do listen to all demos. If we feel you have potential, and we like your music, we will contact you.

5.) We are currently accepting the following Instrumental styles of electronic music: Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Dreamwave, Chillwave, Synth, Experimental, Retro Electro and Indie Electronica. Your music will be released on all popular electronic dance music retailer websites such as Juno, Itunes, and Beatport.

6.) Also, be advised that if we consider your music to be released on our label, PLEASE keep in mind that the process to release your music online can take up to 1-2 months. Don't expect your release to be out in a week or two. Everything has a process. Art cover, mastering, and digital contract.

7.) Please send all demos to the following e-mail address ONLY

PLEASE don't contact us through Facebook or e-mail!
We will contact you if we are interested in your music production.

8.) What we offer if we are interested in your music:

    1.) 50% out of any sales collected by our distributors on a quarterly basis.
    2.) A professional art cover for your release.

Thank you very much. -CLR